Mathematics at Woodroffe High School


Course Offerings and Pathways:

In grades 9 and 10, courses are offered in 4 streams as described below:

Academic courses (coded with the suffix D)
               Lead to University and University/College preparation courses in grades 11 and 12
MPM1D:  principles of math, grade 9; 
MPM2D:  principles of math, grade 10
Applied courses (coded with the suffix P) 
               Lead to University/College and College preparation courses in grades 11 and 12
MFM1P: foundations of math, grade 9; 
MFM2P:  foundations of math, grade 10
Locally developed courses (coded with the suffix L), 
               Intended for students whose post-secondary plans don't have specific math requirements.
               Useful as skill-booster courses for students who need to fill gaps in their math educational background.
MAT1L: locally developed math grade 9 
MAT2L: locally developed math grade 10
Locally developed for English Language Development Students (coded with prefix K)
             Preparation courses in math for students in the ELD and ELL programs (English Language Learners) 
             Course content includes essential numeracy acquisition skills to prepare students for success in for-credit math courses.
New for 2016/2017:  Grade 9 Academic Math and Technology For Careers in the 21st Century - Two Credit Course
This two-credit full-year course integrates the numerology and problem solving skills of the academic math curriculum with the design and project nature of the integrated technology curriculum.  The two courses are taught concurrently by the same teacher with students alternating between the classroom, computer lab and woodshop. High skilled career paths will be highlighted through active connections with Ottawa University, Carleton University and Algonquin College.  Students will acquire technological skills that are transferable to both a career path and the real world while the math curriculum will be made meaningful through connections to practical applications.  Equally as valuable, the math curriculum will be spread out over the entire year which has been proven to increase both the success and retention rate.


In grades 11 and 12, courses are offered in 4 streams as described below. Check the requirements for any post-secondary programs that you are interested in to be sure that you take the appropriate preparation course. You can speak to staff in Guidance (Student Services) for more help with this.


University preparation courses (coded with the suffix U)
               Prerequisite courses for math-intensive university programs such as Engineering, Science, Business.
MCR3U:  Functions, University Preparation. grade 11. (Requires MPM2D)
MDM4U: Data Management, grade 12.  (Requires MCF3M or MCR3U)
MHF4U:  Advanced Functions, grade 12 (Requires MCR3U or MCT4C)
MCV4U: Calculus and Vectors, grade 12 (Requires MHF4U)
University / College (mixed) preparation courses (coded with the suffix M) 
               Prerequisite course for some math-intensive college programs and for students wanting to take MDM4U (data management),
               MCF3M: Functions and Applications, University/College Preparation. grade 11. (Requires MFM2P or MPM2D)

College preparation courses (coded with the suffix C)

               Prerequisite courses for some college programs.
MBF3C:  Foundations for College Mathematics, College Preparation. grade 11; (Requires MFM2P)
MAP4C:  principles of math, grade 12 (Requires MBF3C or MCF3M)
Essentials courses (coded with the suffix E) 
MEL3E: Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Workplace Preparation. grade 11 (requires MFM1P, MPM1D, or MAT2L)
MEL4E:  Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Workplace Preparation. grade 11 (requires MEL3E)
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